A to Z Guide

A to Z

A to Z Guide

Mountain America Center is dedicated to providing an exciting, memorable and premium guest experience while ensuring the safety of all patrons. The A to Z Guide provides general information and policies that apply to our guests while attending events within the campus. Guests who violate any of the policies will be subject to security questioning which may lead to ejection from the facility.

The Mountain America Center has a number of ADA accessible seating options. Please refer to the seating maps for locations for ADA specific areas. Hero Arena has 3 ADA accessible elevators that are available for public use. Accessible parking is available in all three lots on the campus. To purchase tickets for these locations, please visit BOX OFFICE INFO.

Mountain America Center is located at 1690 Event Center Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

AED’s are located within the venue along with the proper signage. AED’s are installed at the following locations:

-Entry 1 next to the Bingham Healthcare Box Office (main southeast doors)

-Entry 2, just east of the doors (on the north side of the building)

-Silver Star Sky Deck, just north of the elevator.

Please consult the assistance of an arena staff member if you need help locating these public AED’s.

For most events, children under 24 months do not require a ticket to be admitted, however, they must sit on an adult’s lap and may not occupy a seat. Any child who has reached their second birthday will require a ticket to enter the arena and must occupy their ticketed seat. Please note that some shows (especially those intended for children) may have a different age policy. Any events varying from our age policy will be clearly indicated on the event listing and ticketing pages.

Idaho Falls Regional Airport is the closest commercial airport and is located just a mere 3 miles from the Mountain America Center. The airport is located at 2140 N Skyline Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. More information can be found HERE

No outside alcohol is permitted on the Mountain America Center campus. Should outside substances be found in possession, guests may be refused entry or ejected without refund.

Alcohol is sold only to guests 21 years of age and older, with proper identification. There is a two (2) drink maximum per purchase per person. During all Idaho Falls Spud Kings games, all alcohol sales will be terminated at the 10:00 minute mark in the 3rd period.For other events, the termination of alcohol sales will be determined on an event-by-event basis, by the Mountain America Center. Alcohol sales will not be permited on select events.

All guests should consume alcohol responsibly: any guest who appears intoxicated may be denied entry or ejected. Any person under the age of 21 who is in possession of alcoholic beverages regardless of how they obtained the beverages is subjct to ejection without refund and arrest.

Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited with the exception of trained service animals and service animals in training for guests with disabilities. The Mountain America Center does meet the specific standard requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act/Service Animals. Service animals are welcome inside the building but must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times.

Assisted Listening Devices (ALD) may be checked out, free of charge, at the Guest Services Desk located within the Bingham Healthcare Box Office on the main concourse level. A valid I.D. is required to ensure the return of equipment.

As our venue is a cashless facility, there are no ATM’s on campus.  More information on this can be found under “Cashless Venue” in the A-Z Guide. 

Autographs are not available for event days. Backstage passes are not available for sale. Passes are usually only provided by artist management or fan clubs to select recipients. Mountain America Center personnel cannot provide or sell backstage or meet and greet passes and are prohibited from providing any tour personnel information. Certain events will sell VIP packages, subject to availabilty, on an event by event basis.

Baby changing stations are located throughout the venue in each of the men’s, women’s and family restrooms. Family restrooms are located in the southeast and northeast corners of the floor entrance sections. 

Hand-held banners and signs, no larger than 22″ x 28″, are allowed at the Mountain America Center for Idaho Falls Spud Kings games and must remain in the guest’s possession at all times. Banners or signs may not be placed on the ice, be commercial in nature, obscene or cause any disturbance to other guests. Poles to display banners or flags are prohibited. Banners and signs may not obstruct the view of other guests or obstruct building signage. Management reserves the right to remove any banner or sign without exception or change this policy at any time.

For all other events at Mountain America Center, such as concerts and family shows, the use and size of banners and signs will be at the discretion of the event organizer.

Guests may not bring artificial noisemakers of any type to Mountain America Center events. For Idaho Falls Spud Kings games all noisemakers except cowbells are prohibited. Patrons will be allowed to bring in one (1) cowbell per person. Cowbell size will be restricted to 8″ in length and Mountain America Center security will utilize the size restriction when determining if cowbells will be allowed into the arena. Guests using cowbells should be courteous to other fans and not detract from their enjoyment of the game.

The Mountain America Center has one main ticketing location, the Bingham Healthcare Box Office, and can be found on the southside of the venue, to the left of the main entrance doors when facing the building. Guests may access this box office using the main Box Office exterior doors from the outside of the building,  or once inside the center, through the box office lobby doors found on the main concourse level. 

Ticketmaster is the official ticketing partner of the Mountain America Center, making them the only authorized retailer of tickets for our venue. Tickets are sold online at www.ticketmaster.com or at our box office locations.

Wednesday s 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday – Sunday (Non-event Days): Closed
Event Days: 10:00AM – open until end of the 1st period of Spud Kings games/once the headliner takes the stage/when an event begins. 
*all times listed are MST/MDT

Camera/Video Policy for Concerts and Family Events (non-Spud Kings events):
-the use of “non-professional” still cameras during concerts and other events hosted at the venue will be determined on an event-by-event basis (no camera with a detachable lens permitted)
-video cameras are not permitted in Mountain America Center with the exception of working media with approved credentials. This includes but is not limited to GoPros.
-Tripods and camera stands of any size or dimension (including selfie sticks) are also not permitted inside the venue, with the exception of working media and approved credentials.
-Mountain America Center management reserves the right to ask the guest to take the camera back to their car should the camera, or process of using the camera obscure, block, or interfere with another guests during the game.

Camera/Video Policy at Spud Kings Games:
-non-flash, still photography is permitted for personal use only at Spud Kings hockey games. Any other use, distribution, or commercial use, including use for portfolio purposes, is prohibited. Fans may not distribute any copyrighted game information or protected likenesses with proper permission.
-Any camera stand of any size or dimension (including selfie sticks) will not be allowed inside the Mountain America Center unless they are approved credentials.
-Video cameras are not permitted in the Mountain America Center during Spud Kings games, with the exception of working media and approved credentials. This includes but is not limited to GoPros.
-Mountain America Center management reserves the right to ask the guest to take the camera back to their car should the camera, or the process of using the camera obscure, block or interfere with another guest’s experience during the game.

In the rare occasion that an event at the Mountain America Center is postponed or cancelled, please visit www.mountainamericacenter.com for updates specific to the event.

The Mountain America Center is a cashless/cash-free facility. Credit and debit cards, prepaid gift cards, along with Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted forms of payment at the following areas: Concession stands, portable carts, and merchandise stands. Our Box Office does not currently accept Apply Pay or Google Pay.  

To assist guests that would prefer to pay with cash and/or do not have credit or debit cards as a payment option, we have 3 self-serve cash-to-card kiosks located throughout the concourse, near section 100, section 104, and within the Bingham Healthcare Box Office lobby. These kiosks will be available around the arena for guests to convert cash to a Mastercard prepaid debit card, for no fee! These cards can be used anywhere inside or outside the arena.

These kiosks are extremely easy to use and require a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $500. These kiosks instantly issue an anonymous Mastercard prepaid card so there are no age restrictions, no credit or background checks, and no fees to the guest!

You can check your card balance anytime by visiting any of the kiosks and choosing the “check by balance” button or from  anywhere by dialing the number printed on the back of the card.

Mobile phones are permitted for most events provided their use does not prevent other guests from enjoying the event. The use of camera and video functions may also be restricted if requested by event management. We encourage you to place your phone in vibrate mode upon entry to the Mountain America Center.

Mountain America Center features Club seats which is called the Silver Star Sky Deck and is located on the second level mezzanine. The suites and loge boxes are accessed on this club level.

Mountain America Center Administration: info@mountainamericacenter.com
Bingham Healthcare Box Office:boxoffice@mountainamericacenter.com
Idaho Falls Spud Kings Administration Offices: 208-522-8363
Idaho Falls Auditorium District Administration Offices: (208) 932-2729

The Mountain America Center will adhere to CDC and state of Idaho health guidelines. The Mountain America Center staff is committed to providing the safest and healthiest guest experience in the live entertainment world and will do our best to provide an environment in which our guests feel comfortable and safe. The Mountain America Center will utilize a mix of cutting-edge sanitization technologies paired with operational staffing, contactless technology options, and cleaning solutions to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff. If you have questions, concerns or general inquires about our health and safety, please contact us at info@mountainamericacenter.com.
For more information on Safety & Sanitation, see this page (put link here) for your specific event for further information on requirements.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted at the box office, event concession stand and merchandise stand. These cards along with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cash are acceptable forms of payment. Cash and checks are NOT accepted as a form of payment at the Mountain America Center.

Diaper bags are allowed into events, but are subject to be searched by our security staff. Please keep in mind, a child/baby must be present with an adult for diaper bags to be allowed into the facility.

Charities and other non-profit organizations requesting donation or auction items from the Mountain America Center should submit a written request on their organization letterhead to: info@mountainamericacenter.com

Doors will open one hour prior to event time for most events, however please review all event ticket information because door times are subject to change depending on the event.

For the safety of our guests and visitors, the operation of drones, unmanned aircraft and remote-controlled aircrafts on Mountain America Center property is strictly prohibited without the advance written consent of management. Violators may be subject to civil and criminal penalties

A limited number of child-size ear protective headsets are available at guest services on a first come-first serve basis. A valid ID is required to ensure the return of equipment. Disposable earplugs are also available upon request (based on availability) at guest services.

There are two elevators located within the Mountain America Center for public use.

In the event of an emergency where evacuation of the building is necessary, you will be informed via public address announcement and scoreboard message to do so. Please remain calm and walk towards the nearest exit. Follow posted signs, staff instructions, and listen for announcements for specific information. In the instance of severe weather or outside threats, you will be directed via public address announcement to remain inside the building and staff will direct you where it is safe to seek shelter

The Mountain America Center is the region’s premier live entertainment venue and we are proud to have an elite staff to support it! We hire people who are dependable, enthusiastic and proud of the venue they work in. Every employee is an ambassador to the community, so guest service and a positive attitude are a constant requirement of all staff members. Visit the Employment Opportunities page to view a listing of all available positions within the Mountain America Center, Blue Cross of Idaho Conference Center, Idaho Falls Spud Kings, and Diamond Concessions. Mountain America Center is an equal opportunity employer.

Please visit our Upcoming Events page for a list of all events coming to the Mountain America Center

For your safety and convenience, Mountain America Center has professionally trained emergency personnel on site for all events. The First Aid station can be found at the Idaho Falls Community Hospital Medical Room located in between sections 118 and 119. A basic First Aid Kit can also be found at our Guest Services desk located within the Bingham Healthcare Box Office located on the main concourse. In the event of an emergency, please go to the first available Mountain America Center representative for assistance.

  • Individuals seeking to exercise their 1st Amendment rights are not allowed within the leased and/or non-public areas of the venue without express permission from Mountain America Center management or Lessee.  
  • Leafletting and/or papering vehicles is not permitted.
  • The Mountain America Center will not unreasonably withhold the usage of the gathering locations.
  • Gatherer in the designated locations will not behave in a manner detrimental to the venue, lessee, event attendees, employees, or any other parties associated with each respective event.
  • Adherence to all the policies is required in order to keep a safe & fair place to gather.
  • In the event the listed policies and procedures are not maintained, the Mountain America Center reserves the right to evict the offending party.
  • Those seeking to express their First Amendment Rights must make prior arrangements with the Mountain America Center staff at least 60 days in advance.
  • Unannounced assemblies are subject to being trespassed.

The designated areas to express your First Amendment rights is on the sidewalk perimeter on Event Center Dr. or Pioneer Lane around the Mountain America Center.

With an abundance of food and beverage options throughout the Mountain America Center, all of our guests can find something to sink their teeth into. From local and regional eats to dishes with international flair, our concession stands have got it all!

Choose from five different concession stand options housed on the main concourse, as well as multiple portable carts located throughout each level. All of our concessions are sure to please your palate as we offer a huge variety that is all big on flavor. Plan ahead and check out each of our stands below!

Suite or loge box owner? Not only will you get to enjoy outstanding club level views and exceptional concierge service, but you and your guests can savor specialties from our Suite Menu (coming soon!) with personalized service.

Specific shows and events allow group discounts at the permission of the event organizer. The number that is considered to be a group varies on a show by show basis. If you are interested in a specific show, please visit our Group Sales & Offers page for more information including a listing of all shows with a group discount.

Respect player and performer safety: 

  • Do not physically interfere with or inappropriately harass athletes or performers. 
  • Do not throw projectiles onto the playing surface/performance area (except in the event of a hockey promotion)

Respect the arena and arena staff: 

  • Follow direction from arena staff and treat them with respect.
  • Do not damage the arena or property within the arena.

Respect other guests: 

  • Treat all other guests with respect and contribute to an environment of respect at the Mountain America Center. 
  • Do not use offensive language or gestures concerning a person’s race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, creed, ability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or national origin.
  • Do not engage in any physical altercations or disruptive or inconsiderate behavior detrimental to the experience of other guests. 
  • Do not stand in your seat and / or put other on your shoulders, including children, for the safety of yourself and other guests.

Additional Details:

  • All ticket holders are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their guests and/or persons using their tickets.
  • All guests must also comply with applicable hockey, and promoter codes of conduct.
  • Violations of this Code of Conduct or any applicable Code of Conduct may result in ejection, arrest by police and the filing of criminal charges, and/or revocation of season ticket package, parking privileges or other benefits.
  • Guests may only sit in their ticketed seats and must present their tickets when requested.

Our main Guest Service Desk is located inside of the Bingham Healthcare Box Office on the first concourse level located near the main southside entrance. 

Guests of Mountain America Center are encouraged to share their feedback by emailing info@mountainamericacenter.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

The distribution of promotional items, samples, handouts, flyers, pamphlets, printed materials, as well as the solicitation of signatures, is not permitted on Mountain America Center property without prior written authorization from Mountain America Center. Please contact info@mountainamericacenter.com for inquiries.

The following standards have been established with respect to fan conduct:

  • Fans are entitled to enjoy the hockey experience free from disruptive or inconsiderate behaviors or unruly actions.
  • Fans should remained seated or wait to go to your seat while the puck is in play.
  • Fans may not interfere with the event and/or athletes in any manner.
  • Fans shall refrain from using abusive language or obscene gestures.
  • Fans may not engage in fighting, throwing objects or other behavior deemed detrimental to the experience of other guests and those who engage in any of these actions will immediately be ejected from the game.
  • Fans are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior to arena staff.
  • Fans who choose to consume alcohol must do so in a legal and responsible manner. Intervention with an intoxicated or impaired fan will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  • Fans shall comply with requests from arena staff regarding arena operational and emergency procedures.
  • Fans may not engage in unauthorized commercial activity while on arena property.
  • Fans are discouraged from banging on the glass. This behavior can lead to a minor penalty being called on the home team due to a delay in the game for potential repair of glass.
  • Please be respectful of fans around you when standing or moving to your seat. Please be mindful of blocking others’ views of the ice when the puck is in play.
  • Be aware of your language and please avoid profanity around children.
  • Fans entering the field of play uninvited is considered criminal trespass and a threat to public safety and will result in immediate action to subdue and detain the offender by facility security and/or law enforcement.
  • Violation of the Fan Code of Conduct may result in eviction from the arena without a ticket refund.


Guests may request an American Sign Language interpreter by contacting the Guest Services Department at guestservices@mountainamericacenter.com. We request that guests provide advance notice at least fourteen (14) business days prior to the event date to schedule an ASL Interpreter. Requests made with less notice unfortunately do not guarantee an interpreter can be acquired.

During an event, guests can report lost items or turn in found items to our Guest Services desks located inside the Bingham Healthcare Box Office on the main concourse. The Mountain America Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods within the facility.

Lost children should be escorted to the nearest Mountain America Center team member. In the event that you become separated from your child or a member of your party, you will also want to contact the nearest team member for assistance.

All guests are welcome to wear masks in relation to their own health and safety. Please visit our current COVID-19 policy for more information.

All media requests can be submitted here. Requests are subject to approval, access is not guaranteed. Requests are only for contributors on working assignment for a credentialed media outlet. Must apply for a media credential on an event-by-event basis.

If you are interested in booking meeting or banquet space within the Blue Cross of Idaho Conference Center, or other flexible spaces within the Mountain America Center, please email us at afreer@mountainamericacenter.com

Numerous merchandise stands are available throughout the main concourse during events. Spud Kings team merchandise can also be purchased at their permanent Fan Store on the main concourse. 

Mountain America Center features approximately 1,500 parking spots on its property, including accessible parking spaces. All ticketed events at the venue are subject to a nominal parking charge, which will be added on top of your ticket price. To provide for a high quality guest parking experience, this allows for the Mountain America to avoid payment lines and parking lot attendants. The Mountain America Center is not liable or responsible for lost or stolen items relating to the guests vehicles. Overflow parking is available in various locations throughout Snake River Landing.

Pre-Sale ticket opportunities will be announced to Mountain America Center “Fans First” e-newsletter subscribers (SIGN UP here). Promoter and artist fan club members will also be made aware through their respective websites, e-newsletter and social media channels.

The Facility prohibits any person from using, possession, carrying, displaying, or distributing any of the following items on, at, or within the Facility, except as otherwise stated within this policy:

Alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, cigars, vaporizers, and drugs (including but not limited to marijuana and products containing THC)

Animals (unless a service animal as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act – ADA – and in accordance with Service Animal Policy)

Artificial noisemaking devices of any kind, including but not limited to whistles, air horns, or plastic horns

Bags, packs, and luggage that are not in compliance with the Clear Bag Policy

Banners, flags, or signs larger that 22″ x 28″ in size (see Banners, Signs, and Noisemakers section for full details)

Bottles, cans, flasks, or coolers of any kind, shape, or size, regardless of material and regardless of empty or full

Cameras (see Cameras & Recording Equipment policy)

Distracting and dangerous items such as frisbees, balloons, beach balls, inflatables, laser pointers, flashlights, or other projectiles

Drones (UAS-Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or other model aircraft

Explosives, including but not limited to explosive materials, fireworks, components, or parts

Outside food or beverages of any kind

Hazardous items including but not limited to fuels, torches, lighter fluid, chemicals, paint thinners, batteries, or aerosols

Laptops and tablets, along with their accessories and similar devices, are prohibited except by Facility, team, league, or performance personnel with a valid working purpose, or by media and broadcast personnel with appropriate Facility credentials.

Wrapped gifts, packages or parcels of any kind, regardless of packaging

Selfie Sticks or telescopic devices, including but not limited to tripods, bipods, monopods, camera poles, or similar devices

Sporting equipment including but not limited to basketballs, sticks, bats, skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, or other sports equipments

Strollers and wagons

Tobacco and/or smoking products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaporizers, cigars, lighters, marijuana, smokeless tobacco, and any other product, item, or device related to the consumption of tobacco or THC.

Tools, razor blades, razor-type blades, box cutters, letter openers, or scissors


Weapons, including but not limited to actual, toy, or replica:
1. Guns, firearms, firearm components/parts, ammunition, and/or gun powder
2. Knives, pocket knives, swiss army knives and multitools or any size,
3. Martial arts weapons, night sticks, nun chucks, bully clubs, bats, stun guns/tasers, self-defense sprays, mace, pepper spray, sticks or poles,
4. Any item deemed to be a weapon by designated Mountain America Center staff

Any other items deemed by Facility personnel to be inappropriate, dangerous, or challenging to public safety in their league and/or Facility’s sole discretion.
Replica, toy, or antique representations of any the above items are also prohibited.

Check out our complete list of Prohibited Items.

Mountain America Center has a “no re-entry” policy during all events at the venue. Guests who exit the building during an event will not be admitted back into the event.

See our Determining Valid Tickets section on our Box Office Information page.

Mountain America Center offers ample men’s, women’s, and family restrooms throughout the campus, all of which are accessible to persons with disabilities. Baby changing stations are located in most men’s and women’s restrooms and both family restrooms. Two (2 ) family restrooms can be found on the main concourse level on the southeast side of the facility.

Mountain America Center does not support or tolerate scalping of tickets or independent ticket brokers. For resale ticket options please visit our Box Office page for more information.

Season ticket packages are available for the Idaho Falls Spud Kings hockey team. Please visit their page for more information.

All patrons are subject to search at our entries including walk thru magnatometers.  Reasonable accommodations will be made for those with medical concerns. If total searching is refused, guests will be subject to non-entry and no refund. 

Also, see Prohibited Items.

Mountain America Center is able to offer sensory inclusive opportunities for our guests. Thanks in part to our partnership with Eastern Idaho Down Syndrome Family Connect, we are able to offer this complimentary service to our guests. Sensory bags containing fidget tools and noise-cancelling headphones, feeling thermometer cards and identification cards that allow arena team members to recognize that the individual has a sensory need, are available for checkout at no cost by leaving an ID at any of our Guest Services Desk.

The Mountain America Center is a non-smoking, tobacco-free and vape-free campus.

The distribution of banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, pamphlets, posters, stickers or any other written, printed and/or painted materials is prohibited on the Mountain America Center premises without the expressed written permission of the event promoter, Idaho Falls Spud Kings administration, or Mountain America Center management. This includes the solicitation of donations to charities, teams or clubs, and sale or peddling of any product/food/drink.

Strollers or wagons are not permitted inside the venue or seating areas at any time. 

Visit our Premium Seating Experiences section for more information

Tailgating in the parking lot spaces of the Mountain America Center campus is not allowed.

A telephone is available at no charge at the Guest Services desk located in the Bingham Healthcare Box Office on the main concourse.

Tickets for Mountain America Center events can be purchased online at www.ticketmaster.com or by visiting the venue’s box office. Ticketmaster is the only authorized ticket-selling agent of Mountain America Center. Mountain America Center is not responsible for the authenticity of tickets obtained through any other source. Mountain America Center will not honor counterfeit or other invalid tickets.

For most events, children under 2 years of age may enter the center free of charge, providing that he or she sits on the lap of a parent or guardian. Please be sure to check each event’s ticketing policy regarding the age policy for that particular event.

The Mountain America Center box offices and Ticketmaster are the only authorized vendors for all ticketed events taking place at the arena. Tickets purchased from any other source may not be valid. Mountain America Center is not able to guarantee, honor, replace or refund invalid tickets. If you purchase tickets from an unauthorized agent in the secondary market, you may run the risk of purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets. The only authorized ticket resale service for Mountain America Center event tickets is Ticketmaster’s Ticket Exchange. Ticket Exchange is an online service that enables premium and fan-to-fan transactions. More information on Ticket Exchange can be found HERE.

See the full list under Prohibited Items.

Guests who require additional assistance because of a limitation in mobility can request a wheelchair transport from the entry doors of the arena to their seating location.

A Guest Services Host will escort guests to their seat and arrange a pick-up time to escort them for their departure if desired. This service is available on a first come, first served basis and may be requested from any team member at the entry doors. Please note that arena wheelchairs cannot be left with guests during the event

Mobile tickets are able to be managed and transferred directly from your phone, and will call is not needed for mobile tickets.
If you have purchased physical tickets, will call will be available 2 hours prior to the event at the Bingham Healthcare Box Office on that event date only.

Free wifi is available to guests in thanks to our partnership with Silver Star Communications. Please find the “Mountain America Guest” profile and utilize this while in the venue. 


If you still have a question about visiting the Mountain America Center please send us a message.